Elphaba and Galinda Thropp
Hey Everyone!! The one and only Galinda Upland-Thropp here, sorry for the hideodeous slightly greenified blog but someone Elphie didn't want to be part of a blog that was all pink. crazy, right? who doesn't want an all pink blog?

... *sighs* why am I doing this again?...

Cause you love me, Elphie

...Of course, my sweet...

Dear Old Shiz

Changed For Good
Galinda, why did you use Elphie's last name? ARE YOU SECRETLY MARRIED? Or...? And why not Elphaba and Galinda Upland?

Oh no! We’re not married, not yet anyway… Elphaba wants to finish her studies first, then she’d propose, we’d have a wedding in Pertha Hills, we’ll move to Munchkinland to help his Eminent Thropp with his work, we’d adopt 2 girls, one with my hair and her eyes, and vice versa. Finally, she becomes Eminent Thropp, I’ll stay at home to take care of the kids, and we’d get our Happily Ever After. *sighs happily*

Oh right, sorry. It can’t be Upland since she’s the future Eminent Thropp, meaning she has to keep her name. I’m happy to get Thropp added to my last name someday anyway.

Hola! señorita elphaba and señorita glinda :) you are my number one ship! I was hoping if you guys could give advice, I kind of like to wear tom boy stuff and dark colors... and my mom wants me to go for pretty and pink would you two do? P.s I think pink does go good with green tho ;)

I really shouldn’t answer this since I DO love my pink and girly things. I think Elphie could answer this better but if you really do love your dark and ‘boy’ clothes then just work it ;) I’m pretty sure women can look hot wearing boy clothes and if they’re not, just a little fixing of hair, wearing the most fashionable male outfits, and ta-da, you’re sexy. 

I don’t wear boyish clothes, even if I AM the ‘male’ in our relationship. I guess what Galinda’s saying is you’re you and if boyish clothes make you comfortable then you don’t have to change, unless you want to…

now before you call me a hypocrite since I did allow Galinda to give me a makeover, I didn’t change because of it, I just wanted miss Galinda’s attention.

YAYYYY YOU GUYS UPDATED!!!!! *FANGIRLS AROUND OZ* And uhh... Galinda? What would you do if I had a sexy crush on Elphie? (please don't show this to her, I'd be embarrassed)

ELPHIE!! *calls out Elphaba who was reading a book*

What?… *eyebrow raised* oh… 

awww <33 my Elphie’s becoming a ladies’ gal 

*hides* Glinnn… 

How did Mme Morrible react when she found out that... uhm ... one bed in your room is no longer required?

Who says she knows? *giggles*

*smirks* … alright Glin, stop embarrassing our fellow students. We both know that we still use our beds. I hate the perky bed sheets and the mountains of pillows, while you hate the fact that my bed’s too simple.

Hi, did you ever do something on a party you regretted afterwards? For example, kissed someone without wanting to or said something you didn't want to tell? Or had a fight?

I have only been in one party, well.. in Galinda’s standar-….


*chuckles* she still gets angry whenever I say that. I guess.. I have no regrets. Yes Glin, even if I did make a fool of myself dancing.

*flashes a sad embarrassed smile* well, I felt bad about that old party but without it I wouldn’t have my friendship with Elphie. So no regret-… okay, maybe one. I DO regret giving the hat. Elphie still wears it around *shudders*

*smirks* I only wear it because you gave it to me. Plus, you said I looked sharp.


Do you exercise?

Yes I do!

Shopping is not considered an exercise Glin

No silly *slaps Elphaba on the arm* I DO run, I have to exercise to keep my figure 

… and a great figure it is

Is there a spell in the Grimmerie that can make Elphie invincible to water...? and if Elphie is "allergic" to water what does she drink? OAO;;

Again, I’m not allergic to water. If I am though, it’s a rare disease that has some books about it, I’d probably drink whatever the book says. 

Can I just say that I ship you two together so much? Gelphie forever!!! A question for Elphaba. I've always wondered: Miss Elphaba, if you're allergic to water, how do you bathe and drink? I've always wondered...

I’m not allergic to water, it’s a rumour that was spread around Shiz by Galinda’s friends since I declined her invitation to go swimming. Even if I was, if you go to the library and search for Aquagenic Urticaria you’ll read all about how they bathe and drink, it’s a rare ‘allergy’ but it’s still common enough to have books about it.

Miss Galinda, is there ever a time you're fearful of Miss Elphaba? I mean her height and demeanor can be quite intimidating...

My sweet Elphie’s never scary, she’s all sweet and such a softie once you get pass that green skin of hers! 

Galinda… …I am not a softie but I agree that I’m not scary… compared to you. You can scare anyone to going shopping with you *smirks*

Hi, we have another question: Do you believe in religion? Or do you have any religious beliefs? What do you think happens after you die? Greetings, Luna and Prim

Well I believe in the Fairy Queen Lurline and how her powers were so great she made Oz by herself. Plus Lurlinemas is amazing! and she’s so beautiful

I live in a small house with a unionist minister and a religious sister, I believe that’s enough. I don’t believe in “The Unnamed God”, Lurline or any other gods. I am interested, however, on hearing about the so-called Kumbric Witch