Elphaba and Galinda Thropp
Hey Everyone!! The one and only Galinda Upland-Thropp here, sorry for the hideodeous slightly greenified blog but someone Elphie didn't want to be part of a blog that was all pink. crazy, right? who doesn't want an all pink blog?

... *sighs* why am I doing this again?...

Cause you love me, Elphie

...Of course, my sweet...

Dear Old Shiz

Changed For Good
Hi, we have another question: Do you believe in religion? Or do you have any religious beliefs? What do you think happens after you die? Greetings, Luna and Prim

Well I believe in the Fairy Queen Lurline and how her powers were so great she made Oz by herself. Plus Lurlinemas is amazing! and she’s so beautiful

I live in a small house with a unionist minister and a religious sister, I believe that’s enough. I don’t believe in “The Unnamed God”, Lurline or any other gods. I am interested, however, on hearing about the so-called Kumbric Witch

Fellow Ozians. It’s that time of the year! No I don’t mean Halloween where a lot of us dress up as Glinda or Elphaba. I mean Wicked’s 10th anniversary!! So classmates, I wanna share the experience with you all!! But how should I do that? Do you guys want pictures of how things look like? Or something else? Comment and like so that I’d know you guys want that. 10 likes and I’d post pictures!! Xoxo, Admin Glin


Fellow Shiz Students,

this is your lovely admin Glin speaking and well, it’s Wicked month here in New York. Following New York’s love of posting posters about Wicked’s 10th anniversary and the commercials that make every wicked fan excited. I had placed a countdown for October 30th! I can’t wait to see you guys on the Gershwin theater that day, or near the stage door. For those who can’t attend, don’t worry! I’m sure that all of us fans have goodness in our hearts and would post some stuff for you guys. Just know that we would try and give you guys the experience we’ll be having. xoxoxo. 


Anyway, love you all and I hope to see you guys if you’re in New York!


Hello friends! It's me, S! Today I've a question for Miss Elphaba. You see, there's this gif I stumbled upon and it was of you.. checking out Miss Galinda's you know... her BUM! I wanted to know, are my suspicions correct? Were you in fact checking out Miss Galinda? And if so, I take it that this isn't the first time, yes? ;>

Oh she was soo checking me out. Weren’t you, Elphie?

I’m not answering this

Why not? cause you don’t want to admit that your eyes were down there not up here?


Oh fine, be a kill joy and not answer. S, I’m pretty sure she was. and yepp, it is so not her first time

Hello Miss Elphaba, I heard you were afraid of the dark; is it true? I don't want to offend you, I am just curious. Greetings, Luna

Where and when did you hear such rumors? *scoff* also who told you such thing? Was it Fiyero or Avaric? People should know better than to believe those two. I am not afraid of the dark, and if I am, it would be nobody’s business…

Elphie’s not afraid of the dark, she’s my brave witch 

Hi, do you have a favourite book? Galinda, does Elphaba read something to you? (or vice versa?)

Oh… *holds finger to lips* shhh!! Don’t ask Elphie that, she’d rant about every book she’s read since “every book is her favorite” and I’d rather not hear that rant again. I mean, I love her but still! 

My favorite book’s usually anything involving a knight in shining armor or ‘a knight in green skin’ as I like to call Elphie, she usually reads them to me while I paint my nails. I don’t read much to her since her favorites are all soo boring

So Galinda, what happens when Elphaba comes to your house for Lurlinemas?

Well, we sit by the fire in my popsie’s library, I usually drink hot chocolate and play with her hair while she sits on my lap and read one of the books from the library. 

OR! she talks with my parents. They really like her <3

What was the worst fight you guys ever had?

Well, I may have stolen her book so that she would give me her attention

Ah, yes. you shouldn’t have stolen my book, I was reviewing

For a final exam that wasn’t even a month close!

Glin, not all of us procrastinate and try to study the day before the exam. 

mean! and well.. some of us don’t.. don’t.. !! you’re a mean green old thing!!

… *sighs* I’m sorry..

sorry too… you know I love your studiousness, Elphie.

I know. I love your.. ability to procrastinate?

*giggles* you’re crazy

What do you guys do for Lurlinemas?

Well we go to our separate homes for a short while, me to Gilikin and my poor Elphie to Munchkinland and we spend most of our days writing letters to each other until my momsie and popsie had enough and invites Elphie to our house!!

What kind of music do you guys like? Elphaba you look like you very much enjoy heavy metal, Galinda seems like the type to enjoy pop

… ? heavy metal? It never occurred to me that I look like a person who likes Heavy Metal. If I were to pick a genre, it would probably classical music, far from your opinion.

*giggles* I can imagine Elphie listening to Heavy Metal while studying… haha.. anyway, I guess I do enjoy pop or rock or jazz.. anything romantic and danceable.